Use Your IRA or 401K

The Pagudpud Sands Resort is very proud to be the one and only Condo-tel Resort being built in the Philippines that has been approved by a USA based IRA Custodian which will allow their clients to buy a Philippine Condo-tel Room or Suite using their (USA) IRA or 401K.

How does it work?

  1. PSR will review your current IRA or 401K statement to establish suitability
  2. PSR will then walk you step by step the process to roll-over the desired amount from your current IRA or 401K into a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA)
  3. Then you direct the Custodian of your new SDIRA to purchase your Condo-tel Suite in PSR

What are the Costs & Fees?

  1. The PSR chosen IRA/401K Custodian charges a fixed $299.00 per year to oversee your SDIRA

About the PSR chosen IRA/401K SDIRA Custodian

As a product of extensive research PSR has chosen a very credible and trustworthy SDIRA Custodian that will also not break our Condo-tel Suite owner’s pocketbook. In addition to having a wonderful reputation, PSR has found:

  • This company has been an industry leader for 38 years
  • They have helped over 22,000 people as Custodian to their SDIRA; and,
  • They currently have “under custody” $3.3 Billion of client retirement funds

If you have an IRA or 401K and you would like to explore the possibility of buying one or more Suites at the Pagudpud Sands Resort using your current IRA or 401K while keeping those funds tax deferred, please contact us at your earliest convenience.