Where in the Philippines Should You Invest Your Hard-Earned Money and Make it Grow

Most of the Fil-Ams who came over from our beloved homeland of the Philippines are here to earn in US dollars so that we may save enough money to send home to our loved ones, continue making and setting aside our hard-earned moolah for our retirement, right?

After toiling for many years, we start seeking other means of making our dollars grow. We have seen how volatile the stock market can be, so many of us prefer to invest our money in a more tangible product. And if this investment can earn as time goes by, wouldn’t that be a better option? We’re all for generating income for the future of our loved ones.

The concept of investment is setting aside a portion of your money to an establishment or institution over an agreed period and getting it back with interest.

When is the best time to invest?

Experts will advise that the sooner, the better since a sound investment needs two essential elements – money and time.  A delay in investment plans could mean a higher capital outlay. We encourage everyone to do his due diligence in researching the company’s background before signing on any agreement. However, as the clock ticks away, you should also realize that so may the right opportunity for you to grow your savings.

In the Philippines, one of the more popular types of investments would be in a condotel. A cross between the words Condominium and Hotel, a condotel operates as a hotel inside a condominium. It is run by a professional team, from registration to housekeeping and maintenance. They offer services and facilities similar to classy hotels or resorts. As a unit owner, you only have to take care of the purchase and where do you deposit your yearly income once it is operational.  Payment of annual taxes, settlement of association dues, repairs, and insurance fees are included in the lease management agreement contract.

Some of the benefits unit owners receive are the following:

  • A professional team to manage the day-to-day operations

You may relax and not stress about where the next tenant will come from. The management team will handle sales and marketing, housekeeping, and maintenance of the property. They will also be responsible for bookkeeping and managing operational and administrative costs.

  • Earn passive income

You have the option of renting out the condotel unit that you own by partnering with the management company. The income collected can help defray your monthly expenses and steadily churning in revenue for you while you’re away.

  • Avail of the hotel privileges when you use your 14 days of free stay (Cash Buyer Only).

Pamper yourself with room service, housekeeping, and airport shuttle – all the services you’ve wished you had while working abroad. Enjoy the amenities like a gym and swimming pool at no extra cost.

As a unit owner (Cash Buyer), you are allowed to stay in your unit any time you want – as long as the dates fall within the signed rental agreement and pre-booking is arranged.

  • Relish affordable luxury with your loved ones

It is your chance to indulge yourself and your loved ones in the affordable luxury you purchased through your hard work.

When it comes to profit-sharing, the owner and the management company will split the earnings in renting out the condo. How the division is made depends on your signed Lease Agreement.

Pagudpud Sands Resort Condotel

We have an excellent property where you may sink your investment teeth into. It is the Pagudpud Sands Resort Condotel, the first-of-its-kind luxury condotel in the northern town of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Touted as the “Boracay of the North,” Pagudpud has the makings of a resort destination, with many tourist sites to offer.

To make this worthwhile investment, the developers of this project, PSR Development, have partnered with The Entrust Group to help our “kababayans” understand and access their Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts  (SD IRAs) for offshore real estate investments. The Entrust Group will help you decide how, when, and how much of your IRA you may use with taxes or deferred tax payments. PSR Development wishes for all our Fil-Am investor-partners to arm themselves with information through professional advisors.  The Entrust Group empowers you to make calculated decisions in reaching your financial goals. Own a piece of paradise as your reward for the double jobs and sleepless nights you have endured.

For more information, you may check our website at www.pagudpudsands.com  and their website www.theentrustgroup.com to know more about what we do. You may also contact us directly at , and we will be happy to assist you.