What Makes Pagudpud a Fun and Exciting Place to Visit

Pagudpud is a municipality of Ilocos Norte, a province in the Northern Philippines. This municipality that was established in 1954 is well-known for its white sand coastlines. Before the influx of tourists, the locals make a living from farming and fishing. Today, coconut and vegetables are their major crops, while fish and shrimps are their main marine resources.

We already know about Pagudpud’s fascinating landscape – mountains, hills, and beautiful beaches. But what else is there in this northernmost tip of Luzon that will make visitors from Metro Manila want to come and visit? Isn’t it a mere rural town where people seem to travel back into tranquillity?

Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Pagudpud

Ilocos Norte is a drivable destination from Metro Manila. Many bus lines also ply this route, and the time schedules are aplenty. For a weekend getaway with friends, start driving close to midnight (or take the overnight bus with LaZboy seats) and spend your travel time in slumber. As you awake the next day, you’re already near your destination.

Upon reaching its capital city, Laoag, you may already start checking out the famous landmarks such as:

  • Paoay Church – a UNESCO Heritage site
  • The Sinking Bell Tower
  • The Malacañang of the North
  • Bangui Wind Farm

Or you may also proceed straight to Pagudpud. From Laoag, it is another 70 kilometers away (or a 90-minute bus ride). Some attractions to see and fun things to do in Pagudpud are:

1. Saud Beach

When people mention Pagudpud Beach, it is actually Saud Beach they are referring to. Saud is blessed with white sand, turquoise water, and lazy palm trees that look like they are reaching out to the sea.

The sight of this beach makes you want to laze under the sun, frolick on the beach, or swim in the clear waters and just DO NOTHING!

2. Patapat Viaduct

This 1.3-kilometer highway snakes along the coastline of Pagudpud. The viaduct is 31 meters above sea level and connects the Maharlika Highway from the Ilocos Region to Cagayan Valley. It sits at the foot of the starting point of the Cordillera Mountain Range.

It is not unusual to see motorists pausing by the roadside to enjoy the scenery and take a selfie or two. After all, they are traversing the fourth longest bridge in the country with a picturesque ocean view.

3. Kabigan Falls

Kabigan Fall Ilocos Norte

Although not an accessible destination to reach, every good thing is worth the effort. To get there, tourists must hike 1-2 kilometers through the jungle, over wooden bridges, and under the forest’s tall trees.

Upon reaching the foot of the falls, you’ll be enthralled by the enchantment that is Kabigan Falls. This 80-foot beauty set against a backdrop of greeneries is just raw nature at its finest.

4. Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud Surfing

When you mention surfing in the Philippines, chances are, Pagudpud will not pop out as a surf spot. But things are about to change.

At the Blue Lagoon, waves are strong enough for surfing. And because it is not well-known is a blessing in disguise because it only means surfers will not be crowding while catching a wave.

There are surf shops found in the different resorts dotting the Blue Lagoon (Maira-ira Beach).

5. Bantay Abot Cave

The Bantay Abot Cave, which means “a mountain with a hole,” is a rock formation set against the deep blue ocean. Tourists will have to travel to Balaoi town, park their vehicle a few hundred meters away and continue to approach the cave on foot.

The cave is actually a hole formed by the steady hammering of waves against the giant boulder. A strong earthquake in the 1980s created a bigger hole, which is what we see now.

Today, it is a popular tourist stop of Pagudpud because of its Instagrammable quality.

6. Zipline

Hannah's Zipline in Pagudpud

The Blue Lagoon is already mesmerizing to look at from the beach, but what if you can see it from the top as you fly over it like Superman? If adventure is your thing, then head on to Hannah’s Resort for a 1.2-kilometer zipline with nothing but the lagoon under you.

7. Water Sports

The Kingfisher Resort offers some water sports activities for your enjoyment. Available for rent are kayaking, snorkelling, kiteboarding, kite surfing, windsurfing, and paddle boarding.

A bonus while exercising on the water is the awesome view of the wind farm or the fifty shades of sunsets the adorn the sky at dusk.


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