Project Overview


We present you with the Pagudpud Sands Beach Resort. This fabulous development is currently being built on some of the most beautiful seaside landscape we could ever hope to have for an exclusive / luxury resort.

However, as good as that may sound; when we look at a project or development as we consider potentially getting involved, there are a few necessary (investment related) questions that must be answered to our satisfaction in order for any of us to have real comfort that we are putting our confidence in the right place.

Those “questions”

Those “questions” include, but are not limited to:

  • Is the Project an Exciting Destination Resort once completed?
  • Will I make money if I own one or more units in the Pagudpud Sands Resort?
  • Does the Project have its Construction Funding?
  • Does the Project Own the Land for the Development?
  • And finally; does the Project offer a realistic approach to Profitability?

The pages to follow speak to every one of the questions above; and one by one, we answer those questions to meet and exceed your satisfaction. We are confident you will be every bit as excited about this development as we are; and ultimately, it’s our greatest wish that you will want to become a partner in this wonderful luxury development with us.

We shall look forward to one day soon welcoming you as a new member of our Pagudpud Sands Resort family.

We thank you in advance for your kind consideration,

The Management

Why Build in Pagudpud?

There is an old saying:

“When building a successful business the three most important things you must have are…”


The Pagudpud Sands Resort will be built and located in Brgy. Pasaleng, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines on a sprawling property covering 3.3 hectares. This is not just a prime location for vistas of breathtaking beauty; it’s a setting that brings to the region extraordinary opportunities for luxury, leisure, relaxation and recreation.

The average temperature in Pagudpud ranges between 74 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit year round, and the topography of the land which makes up the Pagudpud Sands Resort has everything the discriminating vacationer would ever hope to find; this property currently offers:

  • 163 meters of the most picturesque pebble beach imaginable
  • Immediately behind the resort is the beautiful lush greenery of the Patapat Mountain
  • And all – is overlooking the magnificent Pasaleng Bay

Like other prime locations within the Philippines, Pagudpud has long been a desirable vacation destination, boasting more than 100 Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, and Inn’s which currently offers accommodations to suit predominantly the “budget minded” vacationer.

Our new 5 star Pagudpud Beach Resort is not only a prime destination for the Ilocano, but is also a mere 2 hour flight from more than 500 million residents of the nearest Asian countries interested in a Philippine Island Vacation. We are creating a solid 5 STAR foothold on this region, as we are building the regions first world class all purpose luxury resort; that will proudly stand head and shoulders above the rest.

The Pagudpud Sands Resort is the first, in what we know will soon be the trend for savvy business people and resort developers alike that over time will populate Pagudpud/ Ilocos Norte with 21st century luxury resorts which could easily be comparable to the best resorts currently found in Boracay, Cebu, or Palawan.

The Development

We are striving to build a resort which would live up to words like “Luxury”, “Exclusivity”, and “Prestige”. However, first and foremost we will always keep a sharp eye on “profitability”, as such; we plan to provide a luxury beach resort experience with a focus on the middle class by making sure our retail price points stay inside their reach. We will be sure to offer nightly rates of the units owned by our Condotel Partners reasonably affordable for the middle class (at the higher end), while still making available the highest end of luxury for the select few as requested.

Our true mandate is to provide our market a superior beach resort vacation experience, and still, to not overly stress our guest’s available vacation budget. We will provide our Unit Owners and Guests a brand of luxury and excellence that leaves them feeling “true value” for the money … at every level.

Pagudpud Sands Resort consists of the following:

  • Two - 7 story Condo Hotel buildings
  • 144 Condotel Units (with a variety of floor plans)
    • 72 – 1 bedroom units
    • 48 – 2 bedroom units
    • 24 – 3 bedroom units
  • 5 stand alone Cabana Units
  • 2 Infinity Pools (1 for adults and an adjacent “kiddy pool”)
  • Leisure Crafts (speed boat, jet ski, banana boat, water jet pack)
  • Onsite Activities (scuba diving, kite surfing, billiards, table tennis, and much more)
  • Spa/Wellness Center
  • Fitness Center
  • Restaurants and Coffee Shop
  • Salon
  • Entertainment Lounge
  • Business Center
  • Function Rooms / Meeting Rooms
  • Emergency Clinic

And much more

Will Owning PSR Unit be Profitable to You???

If you can appreciate the benefits of a semi-long term investment where you can effectively park your retirement capital without suffering serious taxation, truly, without exaggeration:


Purchasing one or more units of the Pagudpud Sands Resort gives you a remarkable Return on Investment (ROI) in three separate forms:

1st - Pre-Buying at a Large Discount:

The Management of this development has strategically placed the price points of each individual unit while in “Pre-Sales” at approximately 75% of what we believe that same unit will be worth once the resort is fully built and operational. So in purchasing one or more units of the Pagudpud Sands Resort you can reasonably expect to gain in the ballpark of a 50% increase to the value of your investment over the period of time it will take us to build it (Approximately 24 months).

2nd - Yearly “Passive Income” from the rental of your Unit to the public:

How does that work?

We rent the use of all our owners units to vacationers on a nightly basis where the property receives 60% of the total, and the owners receive 40% of the total.

The Property is responsible for 100% of the upkeep and repairs of every aspect of the Pagudpud Sands Resort. This includes making sure that every aspect of the interior of your unit is not only perfectly functional, but if anything within your unit (over time and use) was to break or deteriorate that it is management’s responsibility to fix or replace that thing (at the property’s expense) to insure that every aspect of your unit always remains true to the caliber of a 5 Star resort.

Your Unit/s are placed in a pool of units that are available to the vacationer wishing to stay at PSR any given night or week. Whether or not your unit/s were actually used or not; or, whether your unit/s were used more or less than other units plays no role regarding the profits you will receive as an owner of units at PSR, as all owners share equally regardless of number of days used per unit. In addition, there are no monthly fees or dues you will be responsible for.

The Distribution of Profits:

At the end of every year, after taxes and expenses are deducted we tally up 100% of the net income, and then we split the net profit 60% to Property and 40% to the Owners. The individual split each owner receives is determined per unit, and, by the total amount invested by each owner.

3rd - Appreciation:

In the Philippines, specifically for Condotels, the rate of appreciation per unit is wide ranging and differs with every property. That range of annual appreciation from property to property starts at a low of 5% and we have seen properties increase in value as much as 35% annually, however, it must be said that those particular properties were less than 5 years old.

With the above said, even under the most conservative conditions; combined the three segments of profitability mentioned here will most certainly yield a handsome return – all secured by actual Real Estate.


Development Funding

The Pagudpud Sands Resort Development has fully purchased the land for this project, and also; has secured 100% of the project funding necessary to complete the building of the Pagudpud Sands Resort.


In the final analysis:

  • Owning one or more units in the Pagudpud Sands Resort will be remarkably profitable for the owner both in the short and long term
  • The Pagudpud Sands Resort is located in an already proven and popular vacation destination, yet, we will be first to introduce true luxury to the region like Boracay or Palawan
  • This project has secured its construction financing
  • This project owns the land and has already been issued a Deed of Trust
  • This project has Builders, Designers, Architects and Engineers that are second to none in their respective disciplines
  • This project has standing relationships with (the necessary) influential governmental officials; and,
  • This project as a business is most certainly destined to be far and away the most profitable resort in the region

The purpose of this Overview is to offer the reader a comprehensive snapshot regarding the most important aspects of owning one or more units of the PSR development. However, should you require additional information please feel free to contact: