The Pagudpud Sands Resort

Q. What is a Condominium/Hotel or “Condo-tel”?

A Condominium/Hotel or “Condo-tel” it’s the same as buying a Condominium (complete w/ Certificate of Title). However, in this case your Condominium is located on the property of a Hotel or Resort and you partner/ profit-share with that Hotel or Resort as vacationers rent use of your Condo-tel Suite.

Each PSR Condo-tel is in fact “a Suite” complete with kitchen, living room, dining room, and separate bedroom.

Q. Is this a Timeshare?

No, owning a Timeshare is nothing more than buying hotel nights in advance for a future vacation. With a Timeshare there is no Real Estate ownership or investment/profit opportunity.

Q. Can I make my purchase using my IRA/401K or any other kind of Qualified Funds?

Most of the time Yes, but not for everyone - PSR is an approved Real Estate Investment that is “qualified” for people to use their IRA or 401K to make their purchase with their retirement funds, and those funds will remain tax deferred and with no penalty assessment. If you are retired or have a 401K from a former company that you no longer work for – it’s always yes.

However, if you are not retired, or currently working for the company that provided your current 401K, or you are not over the age of 59.5 years, it’s still possible but it must be treated on a case by case basis. Please contact us and we will individually assess what options are legally available to you as it concerns using your retirement funds for this purchase.

Q. How do I make money owning a PSR Condo-tel Suite?

There are 3 separate ways you will make money by owning a PSR Condo-tel Suite.

  • Buying at a Discount: During Pre-Sales PSR has set our selling price for all our Condo-tel Suites at approximately 25% less than market price of what it would be once PSR is open and operational.
  • Profit-Sharing with PSR: After all expenses are paid PSR will share with its Condo-tel Suite owners 40% of the Hotel Net Profits.
  • Equity Appreciation: We cannot speak to the future but what we can tell you is that the Condo-tel market in the Philippines has enjoyed an average of 15.5% growth annually over the last 8 years running.
Q. When Owning a Condo-tel Suite at the PSR, how many days do I get for personal use?

If you have purchase a complete 1, 2, or 3-bedroom Condo-tel Suite at the Pagudpud Sands Resort you are entitled to 14 days of personal use annually.

Q. Can I invest less than the full amount of a Condo-tel Suite purchase?

Yes, you can invest as little as $26,000 and enjoy all the financial benefits of owning a complete PSR Condo-tel Suite, with one exception; your personal use is limited to a total of 10 days (given to you in a Voucher).

Q. What is the size of the different PSR Condo-tel Suites?

1 Bedroom Condo-tel Suite is 30 sqm / 325.50 sq. ft
2 Bedroom Condo-tel Suite is 45 sqm / 483.73 sq. ft
3 Bedroom Condo-tel Suite is 61 sqm / 660.04 sq. ft

Q. Where is the PSR Located?

The PSR is located in Brgy. Pasaleng, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines (North Luzon). From Manila it is a 45-minute flight to Laoag International Airport, then a 90 minute drive to the PSR property.

Q. What’s the weather like in Pagudpud?

One of the main reasons Pagudpud is already an established / popular vacation destination is the wonderful weather. Pagudpud has both a fabulous shoreline and is surrounded by mountains in a relatively small area, due to these factors you can expect 23 to 28 degrees Celsius (74 -86 degrees F) year-round.