Where in the Philippines Should You Invest Your Hard-Earned Money and Make it Grow

Most of the Fil-Ams who came over from our beloved homeland of the Philippines are here to earn in US dollars so that we may save enough money to send home to our loved ones, continue making and setting aside our hard-earned moolah for our retirement, right?

After toiling for many years, we start seeking other means of making our dollars grow. We have seen how volatile the stock market can be, so many of us prefer to invest our money in a more tangible product. And if this investment can earn as time goes by, wouldn’t that be a better option? We’re all for generating income for the future of our loved ones.

The concept of investment is setting aside a portion of your money to an establishment or institution over an agreed period and getting it back with interest.

When is the best time to invest?

Experts will advise that the sooner, the better since a sound investment needs two essential elements – money and time.  A delay in investment plans could mean a higher capital outlay. We encourage everyone to do his due diligence in researching the company’s background before signing on any agreement. However, as the clock ticks away, you should also realize that so may the right opportunity for you to grow your savings.

In the Philippines, one of the more popular types of investments would be in a condotel. A cross between the words Condominium and Hotel, a condotel operates as a hotel inside a condominium. It is run by a professional team, from registration to housekeeping and maintenance. They offer services and facilities similar to classy hotels or resorts. As a unit owner, you only have to take care of the purchase and where do you deposit your yearly income once it is operational.  Payment of annual taxes, settlement of association dues, repairs, and insurance fees are included in the lease management agreement contract.

Some of the benefits unit owners receive are the following:

  • A professional team to manage the day-to-day operations

You may relax and not stress about where the next tenant will come from. The management team will handle sales and marketing, housekeeping, and maintenance of the property. They will also be responsible for bookkeeping and managing operational and administrative costs.

  • Earn passive income

You have the option of renting out the condotel unit that you own by partnering with the management company. The income collected can help defray your monthly expenses and steadily churning in revenue for you while you’re away.

  • Avail of the hotel privileges when you use your 14 days of free stay (Cash Buyer Only).

Pamper yourself with room service, housekeeping, and airport shuttle – all the services you’ve wished you had while working abroad. Enjoy the amenities like a gym and swimming pool at no extra cost.

As a unit owner (Cash Buyer), you are allowed to stay in your unit any time you want – as long as the dates fall within the signed rental agreement and pre-booking is arranged.

  • Relish affordable luxury with your loved ones

It is your chance to indulge yourself and your loved ones in the affordable luxury you purchased through your hard work.

When it comes to profit-sharing, the owner and the management company will split the earnings in renting out the condo. How the division is made depends on your signed Lease Agreement.

Pagudpud Sands Resort Condotel

We have an excellent property where you may sink your investment teeth into. It is the Pagudpud Sands Resort Condotel, the first-of-its-kind luxury condotel in the northern town of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Touted as the “Boracay of the North,” Pagudpud has the makings of a resort destination, with many tourist sites to offer.

To make this worthwhile investment, the developers of this project, PSR Development, have partnered with The Entrust Group to help our “kababayans” understand and access their Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts  (SD IRAs) for offshore real estate investments. The Entrust Group will help you decide how, when, and how much of your IRA you may use with taxes or deferred tax payments. PSR Development wishes for all our Fil-Am investor-partners to arm themselves with information through professional advisors.  The Entrust Group empowers you to make calculated decisions in reaching your financial goals. Own a piece of paradise as your reward for the double jobs and sleepless nights you have endured.

For more information, you may check our website at www.pagudpudsands.com  and their website www.theentrustgroup.com to know more about what we do. You may also contact us directly at , and we will be happy to assist you.


What Makes Pagudpud a Fun and Exciting Place to Visit

Pagudpud is a municipality of Ilocos Norte, a province in the Northern Philippines. This municipality that was established in 1954 is well-known for its white sand coastlines. Before the influx of tourists, the locals make a living from farming and fishing. Today, coconut and vegetables are their major crops, while fish and shrimps are their main marine resources.

We already know about Pagudpud’s fascinating landscape – mountains, hills, and beautiful beaches. But what else is there in this northernmost tip of Luzon that will make visitors from Metro Manila want to come and visit? Isn’t it a mere rural town where people seem to travel back into tranquillity?

Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Pagudpud

Ilocos Norte is a drivable destination from Metro Manila. Many bus lines also ply this route, and the time schedules are aplenty. For a weekend getaway with friends, start driving close to midnight (or take the overnight bus with LaZboy seats) and spend your travel time in slumber. As you awake the next day, you’re already near your destination.

Upon reaching its capital city, Laoag, you may already start checking out the famous landmarks such as:

  • Paoay Church – a UNESCO Heritage site
  • The Sinking Bell Tower
  • The Malacañang of the North
  • Bangui Wind Farm

Or you may also proceed straight to Pagudpud. From Laoag, it is another 70 kilometers away (or a 90-minute bus ride). Some attractions to see and fun things to do in Pagudpud are:

1. Saud Beach

When people mention Pagudpud Beach, it is actually Saud Beach they are referring to. Saud is blessed with white sand, turquoise water, and lazy palm trees that look like they are reaching out to the sea.

The sight of this beach makes you want to laze under the sun, frolick on the beach, or swim in the clear waters and just DO NOTHING!

2. Patapat Viaduct

This 1.3-kilometer highway snakes along the coastline of Pagudpud. The viaduct is 31 meters above sea level and connects the Maharlika Highway from the Ilocos Region to Cagayan Valley. It sits at the foot of the starting point of the Cordillera Mountain Range.

It is not unusual to see motorists pausing by the roadside to enjoy the scenery and take a selfie or two. After all, they are traversing the fourth longest bridge in the country with a picturesque ocean view.

3. Kabigan Falls

Kabigan Fall Ilocos Norte

Although not an accessible destination to reach, every good thing is worth the effort. To get there, tourists must hike 1-2 kilometers through the jungle, over wooden bridges, and under the forest’s tall trees.

Upon reaching the foot of the falls, you’ll be enthralled by the enchantment that is Kabigan Falls. This 80-foot beauty set against a backdrop of greeneries is just raw nature at its finest.

4. Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud Surfing

When you mention surfing in the Philippines, chances are, Pagudpud will not pop out as a surf spot. But things are about to change.

At the Blue Lagoon, waves are strong enough for surfing. And because it is not well-known is a blessing in disguise because it only means surfers will not be crowding while catching a wave.

There are surf shops found in the different resorts dotting the Blue Lagoon (Maira-ira Beach).

5. Bantay Abot Cave

The Bantay Abot Cave, which means “a mountain with a hole,” is a rock formation set against the deep blue ocean. Tourists will have to travel to Balaoi town, park their vehicle a few hundred meters away and continue to approach the cave on foot.

The cave is actually a hole formed by the steady hammering of waves against the giant boulder. A strong earthquake in the 1980s created a bigger hole, which is what we see now.

Today, it is a popular tourist stop of Pagudpud because of its Instagrammable quality.

6. Zipline

Hannah's Zipline in Pagudpud

The Blue Lagoon is already mesmerizing to look at from the beach, but what if you can see it from the top as you fly over it like Superman? If adventure is your thing, then head on to Hannah’s Resort for a 1.2-kilometer zipline with nothing but the lagoon under you.

7. Water Sports

The Kingfisher Resort offers some water sports activities for your enjoyment. Available for rent are kayaking, snorkelling, kiteboarding, kite surfing, windsurfing, and paddle boarding.

A bonus while exercising on the water is the awesome view of the wind farm or the fifty shades of sunsets the adorn the sky at dusk.


Pagudpud is about to unveil a new star – the Pagudpud Sands Resort. Conceptualized to offer accommodation featuring some of today’s modern amenities, this property has great potential to pull in the crowd from Metro Manila and nearby provinces. It will feature multiple swimming pools for families to enjoy plus showcase delectable Ilocano cuisine that whets up an appetite.

The good news is we are offering great investment opportunities to our very own kababayans. Own a piece of paradise and have a place to stay when you go home for a visit. You will experience the same scenic views and fun activities but using modern facilities.

Know more about our Condotel Suite packages and inclusions by visiting our website www.pagudpudsands.com or contacting us at .


A New Iconic Building Has Risen in Ilocos and How You Can Be a Part of History

Pinoys are hard-working people and very family-oriented. Many Filipinos who work abroad do so to help their families back home. And their dream is always to save enough to buy real estate for their family.

What if we say that you may realize this dream sooner than expected? And that we have found a way for you to invest and earn passive income while you’re thousands of miles away.

Pagudpud Sands Resort

Our project, the Pagupud Sands Resort, will be the first luxury resort to rise on the northern side of the Philippines.  Pagudpud is known as a seaside town with white sand coast that can rival that of Boracay. Vacationers from Metro Manila flock to Pagudpud during summer vacation and holidays. The current accommodation sector that includes several local resorts of not more than 50 rooms are full to the brim during holidays like Christmas, New Year, and Easter. Despite the growing popularity, the hotel facilities available to the tourists are insufficient.

Designed as a modern structure that can blend into the local shoreline, the Pagudpud Sands Resort will have 144 condotel units consisting of 1, 2, and 3-bedrooms. Each unit has a living room area, a dining area, and a kitchen. All master bedrooms have balconies.

The amenities to be offered to its guests include an all-day dining café, two infinity pools (for adults and kids), and multiple function rooms with a business center for the corporate set. It will operate its own water sports rental center that will offer scuba diving, kite surfing, jet skiing, etc. A gym for fitness buffs and a spa to soothe the guests’ aching muscles.

With these amenities, the resort can cater to a bigger market. The local corporate companies who conduct national conventions or regional meetings are always on the lookout for new local destinations. The nearby Asian countries also have tourists looking for a quick getaway to relax and spend their holidays.

A recent survey shows that Pinoys are now booking more condotels when they travel with their friends or families for several reasons. For one, they get to enjoy the common facilities like a swimming pool and fitness center, just like a hotel. Secondly, there is security around the area, so they feel safe. And an added amenity (which is absent in a hotel room) is a kitchen for them to cook their food.

As a unit owner, you get up to 14 days of free stay per year in your unit. With all its amenities and located by the famous Pasaleng Beach of Pagudpud, the resort will be easily marketable. For the rest of the year, while you’re abroad, this property can be rented out and earn for you instead of sitting idly. Maybe enough to cover your monthly amortization and maintenance.


The time is ripe for Pagupud to offer a luxury resort at par with Boracay, Cebu, and Bohol. Our company, PSR Development, has partnered with The Entrust Group, who will assist Fil-Ams in checking how to utilize their Self-Directed Individual Retirement Accounts  (SD IRAs) should you wish to own a piece of history. Let your family enjoy the fruits of your labor. Leave your children and grandchildren a legacy of wise investments.

If you consider putting your savings into real estate that gives returns, please give us a call at toll-free number 888-688-9469 or email .


Philippine Domestic Travel – Why It Is Beneficial To Philippine Economy


While many countries are still reeling out of the pandemic’s effects on the economy,  as citizens, how will you help? Four words – Buy local, go local!

Undoubtedly, the travel industry has been one of the most hard-hit by the Covid-19. It has brought the airline, cruising, and convention industries to their knees. Industry experts still see a silver lining amidst all the nimbus clouds – and that is, start with domestic tourism.

As some lockdown and social distancing policies are beginning to relax globally, domestic tourism will be at the forefront in the revival of economies and play a crucial role as a barometer of their countries’ health and security.

Benefits of Domestic Travel to Philippine Economy

The world travel body WTTC report says 73% of total tourism spending derives from the domestic market. Hence, if you start rebuilding the industry by attracting the local market, it is considered a key driver for growth.

Many micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) depend heavily on domestic tourism to thrive in the Philippines. A local town or beach destination may depend on domestic tourism for their livelihood, generate jobs, and improve their infrastructure.

Pinoy domestic travellers are a tourist town’s hotel, local restaurants, and other tourism establishments’ income sources. These businesses hire residents to provide services, thus generating jobs. Tourists stay in the accommodation,  eat in their restaurants, go touring the different town sites with a local guide, and buy souvenir items produced by local craftsmen.

The benefits flow further down to the farmers who sell their produce, the fishermen delivering their catch of the day, and other small businesses that supply these establishments with goods and services.  When promoted regularly, these activities create economic importance since the money spent on tourism fuels the local town’s economy. If duplicated throughout the country, it creates a positive ripple effect on the national economy.

How to Create Interest for Domestic Tourists

As we have expected, travelling in the new norm will entail many changes. Almost every Philippine province requires an RT-PCR (swab) test of each tourist before entering. Not only is there an added cost for the traveller, but there is also the dreaded discomfort (swabbing your nose is uncomfortable, yes?), and inconvenience (to go to an accredited hospital or clinic requires time and patience).

For this extra step taken by the tourists to reach your destination, hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites are encouraged to give more relevant promotions. Pinoys want to revive local tourism in a safe and healthy environment, but they are also selective about spending their money. Continuously highlighting your hotel facilities using the same tone will quickly get stale, and travellers will look elsewhere. But if you create a promotion tied up with a local event or festival, it creates brand new interest for the local community again.

Drum up interest and tickle your domestic travellers’ feet by focusing on local points of interest with Instagrammable images. Then, partner with local restaurants for a discount for guests who stay in your hotel. Similarly, co-branding with a local theme or tourist park for a free ticket for every X number of nights’ stay in your hotel.


The preceding discussion illustrates how domestic tourism can be profitable for all sectors. The advantages cover both tangible and intangible. The Philippines Department of Tourism 2018 data show that domestic tourists number 110M with tourism expenditure at P3.2 trillion. Reports from Phil. Tourism Satellite Accounts say that an estimated two million people below the poverty level benefited from this sturdy tourism growth.

We believe the numbers will return after this pandemic. Even if it takes 1-2 years, we need to take that first step of inviting domestic tourists back to our shores.