Buy Your PSR Condo-tel Suite

What is a Condo-tel Room or Suite?

For the guest of a hotel or resort a Condo-tel room or suite is exactly the same as any other room or suite you would expect to find in any normal hotel or resort. The only difference is the Condo-tel room or suite is owned by an individual; and that individual has a Management Agreement with the hotel or resort to take care of his room or suite, and to share the hotel related profits with him.

This is not a Timeshare, in fact; the legal designation of a Condo-tel is a “Condominium” (with a management contract with the hotel/resort owners).

If you were to own a Condo-tel Suite inside the Pagudpud Sands Resort (PSR), will it be profitable?

There are 3 separate ways that PSR Condo-tel Suite Owners make money.

  1. While still under construction PSR is selling its Suites at approximately 25% below market.
  2. Once operational, specific to the Hotel portion of the PSR Resort, we pool 100% of the Hotel Suite Revenues; we deduct all the expenses, and we share equally with our owners 40% of the hotel profits. If PSR were only to maintain a 60% occupancy all our owners would enjoy approximately a 5% profit distribution annually.
  3. Equity Appreciation in the Philippines is some of the fastest value growing Real Estate in the entire world. Currently, the equity appreciation in the Philippine Condo-tel market ranges from 5% - 15% annually.

By American standards; even under the most conservative conditions owning one or more Suites at the Pagudpud Sands Resort will result in a very attractive Return on Investment (ROI).

In addition to your purchase price are there any other hidden costs or fees?

Absolutely not!

Once you have purchased your PSR Suite there will never again be another cost or fee charged to you. You buy your suite fully furnished, and if ever there is a problem with anything inside your suite (regardless of what it is or how it got that way), the PSR will fix it or replace it at our expense.

After your purchase, the only things you have to do is deposit your Profit-Sharing Check and watch the Equity Appreciation Value of your Pagudpud Sands Resort Suite continue to grow and grow.