The Partners

Mr. Larry Dela Cruz and Mr. Rick Rivera (The Partners) of the PSR Development are born and bred Filipino professionals. Today they live and work in the USA; and although highly successful in their respective profession, they have always had the dream of bringing a world class resort to their homeland, The Philippines.

The Partners are committed to bringing to the PSR Development the greatest collection of Builders, Designers, Architects, Management and Marketers available to the region, and combined, we will build a “first-of-its-kind” exclusive luxury resort in the Philippines, known world-wide.

Larry Dela Cruz

  • Axis Real Property Solutions, Inc. – Board Member 2015 – Present
  • Axis Benefits Insurance Solutions, Inc – Board Member 2013 – 2017
  • Nuage Insurance Solutions, Inc. Board Member 2013 – 2017
  • Veterans Benefits Insurance Solutions, Inc. – President, 2009 – Present
  • Senior Retirement Advisor Program, Inc. – President, 1996-2009
  • CalPers Advisor / Consultant on Long Term Care, 2007

Education: Sacramento State University – Bachelor in Computer Science, Graduate 1985

Rick D. Rivera

  • Axis Real Property Solutions, Inc. – CFO/Secretary 2015 – Present
  • World Financial Group, Senior Marketing Director, 1992 – Present
  • Axis Benefits Insurance Solutions, Inc – CFO/Secretary 2013 – 2017
  • Nuage Insurance Solutions, Inc. CFO/Secretary 2013 – 2017
  • Pacific Rim Financial Investments, Inc. -President – 2002 – 2008
  • Civil Works Co., Saudi Arabia, Computer Operations, 1988 – 1990

Education: Saint Louis University – Bachelor Science in Management, 1987

Lou Maser

Chief Financial Consultant

Mr. Maser graduated from the Wharton SchooI of Business of the University of Pennsylvania with a Degree in Economics, a minor in Statistics, and an honors thesis in public finance; he became a California Real Estate Broker in 1979. The owner/broker of Diversified Realty and Prime Financial Services, he has overseen the successful sale and build-out of residential and commercial Land Development Projects throughout Central California for over 35 years, including and Urban Reserve Limited Partnerships that utilized both conventional funding and Regulation D Private Placements as well.

Mr. Maser also has many years of experience in the securities field. Having been licensed as both a Series 7 Registered Representative and a Registered Principal (Series 24), he achieved the title of Officer of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ), and as a Vice President of American Express, managed stock brokers and financial planners alike. In 1996 Mr. Maser became Senior Financial Consultant to Chevron Federal Credit Union where he was responsible for overseeing the feasibility of early retirement for between 3500 and 4000 employees in a major worldwide downsizing effort.

Mr. Maser, with his expertise in the art of writing, designing, and marketing Private Placement Memorandums (PPM's), as well as his construction experience with advanced insulated concrete panel building systems, is helping our company take great strides toward our goal of building an unparalleled resort community in the Northern Philippines.